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Advertising on SeyWut won't be appropriate for most companies. When an ad is placed on the site everyone everywhere who visits the site will see it. There is no granular placement or tracking to determine efficacy and local or regional campaigns will hit users unlikely to benefit from your product or service. If however you're a global brand with a big announcement then placing an ad on SeyWut may be the most cost effective purchase you've ever made.


The current ad rate is $100.00 US. ('cause it's a new site and all... gotta get 'dem users.)


Approved and paid for ads run for a full 24 hour period. Ads go live starting at 12:00 AM and run to 11:59 PM the following day.


Advertising consists of still images only. No Flash, animated GIFs, embedded video or any other form of animated graphics will be approved. Static images can be in either .jpg, .gif, or .png formats.


Artistic content is subjective so it's difficult to provide specifics. Good taste, asthetically beautiful, humorus, cutting edge, globally appropriate and you know... doesn't suck.


There are a number of industries and categories of products and services which will not be able to advertise on SeyWut. In no particular order: Tobacco and Vaping, Alcohol, Religous and Political Organizations, Perscription Drugs and Financial Services. Specific companies include: General Motors, Uber, British Petroleum, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and Volkswagen. The list will grow as I remember more.


There are currently only two places ads will appear on the web site. One ad measuring 256(w) x 256(h) will appear on the front page where the profile picture is normally located and one ad will be placed on all profile pages measuring 256(w) x 128(h) at the bottom of all content in the left column. That's it. No sponsored posts forced into user feeds. No affiliations or cross branding deals.

The Audience

Yeah... um... it's global. Seywut is one address for the world. There is zero targeted advertising. Not by country, region, language, zip code, area code, nothing. Advertising on SeyWut is most appropriate for global brands launching singular products. Examples would include Disney releasing a new Avengers movie, Samsung selling a new Galaxy cell phone and Sony announcing the holiday release of a new console.


Payment will be by cashiers check only. No credit cards. No personal or corporate checks. No PayPal or other electronic payment systems. This policy is to maintain simplicity for operations. We are not a collections agency where ads are run and then credit card charge backs occur. There is no net 30 or net 60 options for payment after the fact where we have to maintain accounts recieveable. We will not be placed in a position where a lawsuit is necessary to receive payment for services rendered. Cashiers checks are easy enough to purchase from most financial institutions.


No refunds ever for any reason other than a technical failure on SeyWut.com's part. No partial refunds. No advertising credits to carry forward. Once the ad has been approved, cashiers check received and processed and date set in the system it's a done deal. Ads can be cancelled by the payor but there will be no refund in those cases. This is a particurally hard line but it's warrented. Shifting live dates, last minutes graphic changes, baseless complaining to scam a full or partial refund, inappropriate third party involvement and contridiction, and many many more necessitate a zero tollerance policy. We have a very simple process with very simple requirements for a reason and others will not be given opportuinities to complicate things.